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Lower Waitaki Golf Club


2008 Trophy Winners

DATE                TROPHY NAME                                  STATUS                        NAME


27 January           Bishop Trophy – Opening Day             Winner –  Mixed      Len & Margaret Matsinger     

                           (Mixed & Men’s 4BBB Stbfd)

                                                                                          Runner-Up                      Ian & Noeline Hurst


3 Feb                  Summer Cup

                           Brosnahan Nett Trophy                           Winner – Men                 Charlie Rees       

                           (Summer Nett Best 3 of 5)                      

                                                                                           Runner –up                     Ian Hurst


3 Feb                  Carolynn Rowland Trophy                   Winner – Women            Marie Robins

                           (Summer Nett Best 3 of 5)

                                                                                          Runner –up                      Ella Muldrew


26 Feb                Matsinger - Hurst Trophy                    Winner                            Alan Greene       

                           (Mixed Summer KO)                             

                                                                                          Runner-up                       Rex Wollstein


17 May               Singles Knockout                                  Winner – Men                    Ian Hurst




                           Anderson Gaudion Trophy                   Winner – Women           

                           Sat Ladies Singles K O



6 Aug                  Singles KO Flights                                Winner – Men                 Colin Bond


                                                                                          Runner –up                     


                                                                                          Winner – Women           




                           D McLeod Stableford                           Winner                            John Healey

                           (Men Best 3 of 5 Stableford)                  

                                                                                          Runner-up                       Greg Munro


                           Fairlie Matsinger Individual Stableford Winner                         Sandra Paterson

                           (Women Best 3 of 5)

                                                                                          Runner-up                       Val Cochrane


8 March              MG Trophy (Stableford)                        Winner                            John Healey

                           (Men)                                                      Runner-up                       Des Perham &

                                                                                                                                  Richard Williamson


22 May               V & H Trophy                                       Winner                            Not Played

                           (Foursome LW vs Waitoa Park)                                                       


3 April                 Heineken Cup                                       Winner                            Denfield

                           (LW vs Denfield)


23 Aug                Men’s Winter Nett

                           Brosnahan Nett Trophy best 4 of 6          Winner – Men                 Alan Robins


                                                                                          Runner up                        Alan Greene


                           Ladies Winter Nett Trophy                  Winner – Women            Sandra Paterson

                                                                                          Runner Up                       Dawn Plew


25 April               Eaglehawke Trophy                              Winner – Men                 Peter Stuart

                           (Anzac Day Best Nett

                           Run by women’s section)                         Winner – Women            Sue Ruddock


11 May               Tournament Nett Trophy

                           F & N Weller Trophy W 6000                Winner                            Brent Maw

                           Local players Best Nett over 36 holes     


                           Gavin Muir Trophy                               Winner                            Glenn Roberts    

                           (Best aggregate nett all

                           qualifying rounds club champs)


30 April               Men’s Senior Championship                Winner                            Andy Wraight


                                                                                          Runner-up                       David Lamond


                           Men’s Intermediate Championship     Winner                            Robert McIntyre


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Carl Ludwig


                           Men’s Junior A Championship            Winner                            Glenn Roberts


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Doug Familton


                           Men’s Junior B Championship            Winner                            Alan Moon


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Kevin Pryor


                           Men’s Senior PLATE                           Winner                            Toni Anderson


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Peter Rudduck


                           Men’s Intermediate PLATE                Winner                            Alan Greene

                                                                                          Runner-up                       Reg Direen


                           Men’s Junior A PLATE                       Winner                            Alan Plunket       




                           Men’s Junior B PLATE                       Winner                            Barry Baylis


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Mike Clarke


                           Women’s Senior Championship           Winner                            Dawn Plew


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Cheryl Hopley


                           Women’s Bronze A Championship   Winner                               Marie Robins


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Isabell Bond


                           Women’s Bronze B Championship    Winner                              Heather Collins


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Jill Tait


                           Women’s Copper Championship          Winner                            Maureen Kerr


                                                                                          Runner-up                       Denise Davies


1 Oct                  Four Ball Knockout                              Winners – Men           Alistair Mavor & Reg Direen      

                           (Schweppes Trophy)                              

                                                                                          Runners-up                      Greg Munro & Alan Poole


1 Oct                  Wootton Matsinger Trophy                 Winners – Women      Thelma Murphy &

                                                                                                                              Sandra Patterson

                           Sat Ladies 4 Ball K/Out

                                                                                          Runners-up                      Dawn Plew & Isabell Bond


1 Oct                  Four Ball Knockout Flights                  Winners                           Wayne Kerr & Alan Plunket


                                                                                          Runners-up                   Roger McCone & Kevin Pryor

1 Oct                  Four Ball Knockout Flights                  Winners                        Bridgett TeMaiharoa &

                                                                                                                               Marina Loper

                           (Women Pat Jones Plate)

                                                                                          Runners-up                   Shirley Elliott & Maureen Kerr


9 Oct                  Wishy Poowanai Trophy                       Winner                            Marina Loper

                           (Women only Stableford)


9 Oct                  Doug Strong Stableford Shield             Winner                            Carl Ludwig

                           (Men only Stableford)



17 Sept               Dawn Gray Memorial Trophy              Winner                            Marina Loper

                           (Women only)

                           (Play game of day the

                           Saturday nearest 17 September)             

3 Sep                  Muir/Daniel Trophy                              Winners                           Not Played

                           Mixed Foursome)


20 Feb                Conlan Memorial Trophy                     Winners                           Not Played

                           (Mixed Fourball net)


29 Oct                Rex Allan Cup                                       Winner                            D Hurst

                           (Single Par)


17 Nov               L Means Trophy                                   Winners                     Val Cochrane & David Lamond

                           (Closing Day 4BBB Nett



17 Nov               Allan Plunket Tray                                Winners                        Glen Roberts & Rex Wollstein

                           (Closing Day 4BBB Nett                                                                  



                           Wootton - McCulloch Trophy              Winner                           

                           (Women only)                                                                               


2 Jun                   Jubilee Plate                                                Winner                      Alan Greene


                           (Best Stableford Men & Women)                  Runner Up                


                           L&T Trophy  Most Improved  Player        Man                         Glenn Roberts


                                                                                                Women                     Sue Rudduck


                           Mike Green Trophy

                           (mens mid week)                                           Winner                      Don Laurenson


                           Jim Bell Trophy                                          Winner                      North Otago

                           (Waitoa, N.O. LW)                                      


                           Chisholm Park / LW                                   Winner                      Lower Waitaki





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